Yummy Lightning Bugs

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  1. kev_brett

    Great strip. Glad Mike Maihack posted on Twitter!
    Very cool!

  2. Stephanie E

    It makes you wonder how Chad felt when he ate the hummingbird.

  3. stephen

    steph: I forgot about that, he does eat a lot of wierd stuff, doesn’t he?

  4. stephen

    Thanks kev! Mike is too good to me.

  5. Mike M

    Just finished reading through the archives. Great strip!

  6. cletus asike

    mike m you are cool how did you do that

  7. Halraris sticker

    Y40! f5ref3ys!

  8. Halraris sticker

    6–s, 2eyb6rd 0essed 4-. rea33y we5rd!

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