Radioactive Daisies

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  1. Jaya Lakshmi

    This is hilarious: “Ten foot tall daisies”. I know the joke works better without visuals, but later could you have Mal and Chad explore the Daisy Wilderness complete with giant insects and such? It would be a kick!

  2. Starnick

    You’d think his mother would notice…hope she doesn’t go out there to garden a whole lot :P

  3. Kait

    Maybe she’s too busy to garden. Maybe she’s going to find out this weekend when she finally has time to garden!

  4. stephen

    That’s a cool idea Jaya! I’ll have to think about it.

    Starnick and kait: It’s wierd, because I only have a vague idea about what’ll happen next. Maybe this will all be fodder for upcoming storylines!

    No promises though… :)

  5. Eiríkr

    I dunno, are daisies ever yellow? Then maybe his mom and the neighbors might not look too closely and just think they’re sunflowers or something … (possibly betraying my shocking botanical ignorance, but hey. :) )

  6. aaliyah

    whatwould happen if mal’s mom went in the garden and turned into a monster

  7. curious36

    awesome idea aaliyah!!

  8. benjamin

    Hey! I want 10-foot-tall daisies!

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