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  1. kibs

    hey do you read chuck and beans? they just had a web comic about the internet and short attention spans too!

  2. Kira.

    This is why I love Chad.
    I’m the same way!! *lol*

  3. Maarvarq

    Hey, Stephen, could you please make future strips 2 or 3 panels? I keep losing my place before I get to the end :D

  4. Mike M

    Now that’s what makes this comic so great! It’s the way you . . . um . . . what was I saying?

    (I think you’re in for a lot of short attention span jokes today. ;-) )

  5. Badtrak

    Too many comments. I forgot what I was posting… Oh, the dog can talk!

  6. Milo Windby

    I feel that is totally untru… oh shinny object!

    sorry, where was I?

  7. Unk


  8. stephen

    Ha ha ha! you guys make me laugh.

  9. Miriam

    huh? wait, what? I was checking my facebook….craigs list had an ad for a jazz flute player?–this was quotes FROM a phone conversation I left this window open to take…

  10. Miriam

    @ Maarvarq You also made me laugh out loud!!!!

  11. vladimir


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