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  1. Stu

    Nice perspective in the 3rd panel.

  2. Tyler

    Catch her! Catch her, kangaroo!

  3. Micah


    Ditto what Stu said about the third panel.

  4. Dave

    Ruh roh, hope that isn’t a concussion

  5. Frank

    You haven’t ended the comic like this, have you? It seems every time I find Mal & Chad you’re ending it! :-(
    (I was the one who wished you a Happy New Year a while back, don’t know if you’ll remember that.)

  6. taz

    Captain Kangaroo to the rescue!

  7. Miriam

    So…if a pumpkin can be made human, could a heroic kangaroo have the same reward for saving the princess?

  8. stephen

    Frank: Nope! One more week! And thanks for the Happy New Years wishes! I don’t remember it, but I appreciate it!

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