Today while I was skyping with Ms. Robl’s class in Indiana, a student asked me how to draw Mal and Chad. So I decided to make a tutorial!

If you’d like a print resolution copy of this how-to tutorial, I have them available for download as PDFs here:

How to Draw Mal
How to Draw Chad

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The skype tours are off to a great start– with over 70 teachers participating! I feel flattered and overwhelmed and excited. Special thanks to Colby Sharp for putting a spotlight on the visits by featuring them on Nerdy Book Club!

I wanted to let teachers out there know I’m closing registration for the skype visits this Monday, October 8th. If you’d like me to visit your classroom, be sure to sign up some time this weekend!

I’m so proud to announce the launch of the Mal and Chad Skype Tours!

Click here to read the full comic!

Here’s the basics– for the next couple months I’m going to attempt to visit as many classrooms across America as I can, teaching kids how to draw comics via skype. Since I draw my comics digitally, I’m going to be able to do live sketches for the kids using skype screenshare! On top of that, I won’t be charging a cent.

This will be a unique opportunity for librarians and teachers alike– if you know any who you think might be interested, please tell them! If you’re a kid, and you’d like me to visit your class, please tell your teacher!

Click here for more details and for the sign up form!

I recently got a really neat book review on a site called Bookie Woogie. Each book review consists of a dad interviewing his kids to find out what they think about the books they read. You should check it out!

The children also have a talent for illustration. Check out these great pieces of fan art they made of Mal and Chad.

This one’s by Lily, age 9. I love how Charlie the dinosaur is riding with Mal and Chad in the inflatable rubber duck boat.

This one’s by Evangeline, age 4. Chad looks so cute sticking out his tongue!

Finally, here’s a piece by Elijah, age 6. All I’ve got to say is, that pterodactyl is so awesome. I hope Mal and Chad get to their time machine in time!

If you enjoyed these wonderful pieces of fan art, please check out the new fan art gallery
I put together!