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  1. Kira.

    Holy crap. Did you actually start the website on this date??
    It’s my day of birth!!

  2. Frosted Donut

    Kira, you’re only 20 months old? And such a good typist! :-)

  3. Kira.

    Haha! I meant only the month and that! I totally walked into that one, lol!

  4. stephen

    Now Frosted Donut, you be nice to Kira! He’s our youngest reader! ;)

  5. Kira.

    So now I’m a male too?! Sweet! I can pee standing up now! *checks* wait. No.


  6. taz

    …Wow. Now that the webcomic is done, looking back at the first strips is making me nostalgic.

  7. sahib


  8. Nazeriania

    That Is awesomely funny stephen!

  9. pasmah

    whats ur first book?

  10. pasmah

    what’s ur 1st book?

  11. Pearl

    Chad is sooo funny and cute!!!! <3

  12. Mort J. Moose

    That is a great lookin’ robot. Nice design work.

  13. dax

    these books are awsome

  14. dax

    these books are awsome.

  15. Alan C.

    Wow this Comic is so awsome, I copyed the inventions for a project I’m working on.

  16. mal

    this robots going to be great

  17. THUGS

    I love the first book i am so going to pre order belly flop

  18. stephen

    Awesome! THanks!

  19. Aidan

    I have “Fod fight!” with me right now! Its a good book.

  20. Gayle

    So Totaly AWSOME !!

  21. vladimir

    poop is good wen you eat it

  22. MEHA

    I am only in 3rd grade, but i would l love to have a robo to do my homework!

  23. Amanjjot

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jj

    I read everything, so now I’m going back to make comments

  25. Charlie Brennan in third grade

    I love pokemon and pork

  26. Charlie Brennan in third grade

    my brother will comment

  27. Charlie Brennan in third grade


  28. Charlie Brennan in third grade


  29. Mr.T

    Are all the strips available in print anywhere?

  30. call me maybe

    im going to order a book

  31. yolo12321

    I read ALL books. Its really awesome!

  32. Jeff


  33. Vincci

    I LOVE the Mal and Chad comic strips AND the graphic novels!(^_^)

  34. peter shaffer

    When is the next book coming out? We love them.

  35. Vincci

    Yeah when’s book 4 coming out?

  36. Calvino

    Where can u even get the books?
    I’ve only been able 2 read the first 1 from the library!

  37. kyle smith

    the best books ever

  38. Great


  39. Ass


  40. Ass

    Ha ha

  41. m

    i likie it

  42. Chad

    hey mal lets go into space

  43. landon

    that is awesome

  44. supermanfan

    i love this comic :)

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