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  1. Kira.

    Haven’t had the time to read him, but cool points for adding that.

  2. Eiríkr

    Ugh. We had to read The Brothers Karamazov in high school. At one point, we graphed out all the characters — Sasha, Petrov, Iliyich, yada yada — and discovered there were like three people in this one scene, when all the nicknames being bandied about made it sound like twenty. ConFUSing…

  3. stephen

    I haven’t read karamazov yet, graphing it sounds like it’d make it a horrible experience whether it was a good book or not!

  4. Eiríkr

    It was more an exercise of necessity than tedium — the whole class was confused how so many people could fit in so small a room, so the teacher felt the need to have it all laid out and clear. It helped, to a point — we still had trouble keeping the characters straight. “Wait a minute, which one is Sasha and Petrovich again?”

  5. Chloe

    this is so weid and funny.

  6. Chloe

    the dog you made is so cute.

  7. Chloe

    the boy you made look’s like a vampier.

  8. Vincci

    ALL these comic trips r funny n AWESOME! I hv read all the comic strips already. I m reading them for the 3rd time!

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