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  1. parismio

    wow thats an accurate answer.

  2. Meowr

    ^ Man is right!

  3. colin

    hey its parismio!!!!!!!!!

  4. colin

    man is right

  5. robopup (Chad)

    i chose cats

  6. MEHA

    Cats are right but not kittens!

  7. cletus asike

    stephen you are cool make more books of mal and chad

  8. raphcletus

    isn’t mal and chad cool huh guys?

  9. french fry


  10. Victoria

    I love Chad!

  11. Victoria

    Chad’s adorable! what if there was a Mal and Chad comic about a guy who dognaps Chad and Mal and Megan team up to rescue him, but the guy created a machine where Chad can’t talk and Mal says “Speak to me, Chad ole buddy!” but Chad says “Arf!” and Mal breaks down into tears and Chad licks one of Mal’s salty tears and says “Bluck! Salty!” and Mal hears Chad and breaks down in tears of joy and cuddles him. then the dude has anger issues but his mother bought a cat and the guy’s allergic. “get me that…Achoo! dog!” he says. so to be continued in the next book, Ethan’s Revenge! what do you think about that you guys? pretty cool huh? and Megan was named after Ryder’s little sister in Paw Patrol.

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