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  1. Tofudisan

    Actually don’t most astro-biologists, physicists and astronomers believe that the probability of extraterrestrial life is high? After all the universe is a humongous thing. The probability that we are on the only inhabitable planet in the entire universe is what is actually a long shot don’t you think?

    Oh, btw, I’m a new reader after seeing your guest shot on PVP. Excellent guest comic and I really like Mal and Chad. It’s a bit like Sheldon mixed with Calvin and Hobbes. I’m really enjoying it so far. :)

  2. stephen

    Maybe you’re right. How can we prove that something doesn’t exist anyway?

    Pleasure to have you here Tofudisan. You’re screenname has a japanese tint to it. Do you study japanese? If so then we’d be in the same boat!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the strip! Thanks so much for the comment.

  3. Kit

    I’m a new reader, just like Tofudisan, and I have to agree that the “probability that aliens exist” is actually extremely high. The odds of other life out there in the universe are so good that the idea that we are alone in the universe is nearly mathematically impossible. However, the odds that those aliens are intelligent, mave mastered interstellar travel, happened across this solar system, and had any interest in earth (let alone abducting rednecks) are another thing entirely. So the UFO sitings are fake, but aliens almost certainly exist out in space. BTW, I’m really enjoying your comic. I like your art style.

  4. Kit

    WOW, that was a random avatar, but it really casts the whole comment in a different light. Please know that I do really like your comic, and small things like this only matter if you’re really bored. It’s not a reflection on the quality of your work.

  5. stephen

    Ha ha! The avatar that was assigned to you makes me laugh. It looks like the face of a dried-up, bitter skeptic! It makes me laugh though, so I’m only getting good vibes. Thanks for the positive and well written feedback kit!

  6. Brothernod

    Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one making my way through the archive today due to the PVP guest comic haha.

    This comic really makes me want to go reread Copper. The whole sentimental love stuff.

    Very much enjoying my read through.

  7. stephen

    I love copper. Thanks for stopping by brothernod!

  8. Musical

    Tofu@I actually think that there would be life on other planets but perhaps not quite like us. One’s that think like we do, tell history, imagine, we were kind of made on an off chance I think. There’s proably some other life form out there that can think similarly to us but I think it would be very few.

  9. Darky

    I too, am reading the archives thanks to PvP. This is seriously now one of my favourite comics. Thanks a lot, I’m sure my boss appreciates the extra downtime. :D

    Anyway, the commentors are right, the probability of life on other planets is incredibly high, though the fact that there is no evidence of it is really odd. For further info, see and . Gee, I hope those links worked!

  10. Darky

    Lemme try again:
    The Drake equation and the Fermi paradox.

    Also, I really love my avatar. It’s like you’ve taken a photo of me.

  11. stephen

    Welcome, Darky, I’m glad you like yours! Other people have got some really ridiculous avatars. Thanks for the links too–

    Interesting points everybody! I guess I’ve always perceived arguments like the Drake equation as indulging in the Gambler’s Fallacy, where the gambler believes that the more he plays the slot machine the more probable it will be that he wins, when in actuality he has the same probability every time. Thus, I don’t believe that given an infinite amount of time monkeys could type Shakespeare, because the probability that they will do so (virtually 0) remains so during the first second and the millionth second, and the billionth second of the experiment. In the same way, it’s hard for me to accept the hypothesis that given the existence of near infinite planets, there should be a near 100 percent chance for life to exist elsewhere.

    I suppose conceptually speaking, given infinite resources and time, the gambler could win, and the monkey could type Shakespeare, but we don’t live in an infinite universe, we just live in an immeasurable universe. The existence of billions of other planets doesn’t help the individual planet overcome the high improbability of life developing on that planet. I guess that’s another thing: I also feel the f1 variable of the drake equation, the probability that life would develop is far over estimated.

    But those are just my opinions, and I’m a cartoonist, not an astronomer or mathematician.

    If anyone has any other ideas that they want to add to the discussion, please do! I appreciate everybody’s feedback!

  12. Eiríkr

    FWIW, PVP introduced me to your work too — ありがとう! (if that goes funny in the encoding, arigatou!)

  13. stephen

    Eiríkr: マルアンドチャッドへようこそ!

  14. Eiríkr


  15. stephen


  16. Tofudisan

    HA! Happened to be doing an ego-surf on Google and saw that there was a response to my original post. Glad to see I started a good discussion.

    Unfortunately no I’m not studying Japanese at the moment (I do have Rosetta Stone I & II for Japanese though just not the time). Long story on the evolution of my screen name.

    And as to the exchange between Eirikr and stephen: Gesundheit!

  17. stephen

    Ha ha yeah. I appreciate your comments and feedback Tofudisan! It’s been a good discussion.

  18. Halraris sticker

    Thiks he saw something that looked like that outside. :( ;)

  19. curious36

    hello guys im from 2013 agust 1. how ya doing?

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