The Mal and Chad Relaunch

Welcome everybody to the new Mal and Chad website! Mal and Chad was previously featured on my other site, Doodle Alley, but now the strip has its own site!

If the style of the strips from here on out look a bit different than the style of the previous strips, it’s because there was a long hiatus in between this strip and the last. A publisher approached me a while back to make a graphic novel with the Mal and Chad cast, and I couldn’t refuse, so I had to shut the strip down for a bit. But were back! And let me tell you, drawing 200 pages of Mal and Chad has refined my style a bit. I hope any subtle changes you find in the strip are all enjoyable and make for a better reading experience!

And please support the Mal and Chad graphic novel when it comes out!

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  1. Michael Regina

    dude, I will be at the store the day it hits!

  2. stephen

    Thanks! Maybe I should come to florida and do a signing!

  3. Michael Regina

    SOLD! Get yourself here my firend!

  4. Michael Regina

    SOLD! Get yourself here my firend! Dude, what would be awesome is if you could make it to MegaCon next year in Orlando. Josh Ulrich, Mike and myself should all be there selling our wares. Could be an awesome time… just sayin!

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