Last week I sent off a guest strip to PvP creator Scott Kurtz, expecting nothing. Instead he was really excited about the strip and told me he planned to post it the following week!

I was super pumped! But I was also terrified. This is going to direct a lot of people to see Mal and Chad. Will I be ready? Is my strip really funny enough? I felt like a stay-at-home mom who was told that the president would be visiting that afternoon.

So I’ve been rushing around trying to make everything perfect. I made this new visitors page and my recent strips have a certain polish that I haven’t hit at before. I hope I’ve done enough. If you’re here from the PvP website, welcome! I’m glad you’re here! I hope you enjoy my work.

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  1. Tae

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about. The guest strip on PvP got me here this morning. I devoured the archives with great joy, and Mal and Chad is the newest entry in my RSS list.

  2. Laura

    Also came here from PvP and whooshed through the archives. Thanks for a delightful comic; can’t wait to read more!

  3. cindy

    hope your server can handle the new readers u will have. lol.
    great comic

  4. Nicole

    Looks good! I am adding you to my list of webcomics and will hit the archive when I get some downtime from a play I’m directing right now. Great lolbat and retweet! I really look forward to perusing your strip. If today’s and yesterday’s are any indication, I’m going to love it. :)

  5. Paul

    I came here via PVP as well and I do like your comic. I love the art style (though I wouldn’t mind the strip being done in color of course ;) ) and think it’s pretty funny too. But I think one of the things going for it is that it has an intangible charm that so many people fail to achieve. Well done!

  6. stephen

    Thanks Tae, that makes me feel better!

    Hopefully i’ll have enough server space, like cindy says, ha ha.

    Laura, Nicole and Paul, thanks a bunch!

  7. Earl

    Scott’s description of your comic as Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque was what piqued my interest. Looking forward to the archive.

  8. adangeus

    I visited doodle alley, and you are really talented! I have subscribed and will be following you from now on. :)

  9. Cassia

    I agree with Tae, you don’t have anything to worry about this comic is just lovely. As an avid reader of Calvin and Hobbes I was intrigued by the description of your comic on PVP and have been delightfully surprised by this gem. I hope you have plans to continue this comic for a while, you will definitely have the readership for it.

  10. Daniel

    Same as those above, just got here via PvP, read the entire archive, you’re not on my opera speed dial ^^

  11. Kat

    Also swinging in from PVP. You been RSS-added, my lad. This is a great strip. Continue to have fun with it! :D

  12. Dave

    Indeed, welcome to my bookmarks!

  13. stephen

    Earl and Cassia, thank you! I hope I can continue to hit that Watterson-esque tone without coming too close to hackdom.

    Daniel, Kat and Dave, thanks for following!

    adangeus, thanks for checking out doodlealley! I hope you enjoyed that too!

  14. J.C.

    You’re doing fine. I admit i’d never heard of you before seeing your guest strip but once I did, I spent a good time reading and re-reading your comic. You’ve managed to capture a theme in your comic that I don’t see very often and truely admire. Reminds me of when I was a little kid reading my Calvin and Hobbes books at night. Bravo sir, and thank you for writing that PvP guest strip which brought me here.

  15. Rhian Hibner

    I saw the strip! Congrats!

  16. Charlie

    Came here from PVP too! Great comic man, keep it up!

  17. Nick

    Awesome comic mate, newest add to my RSS. I look forward to reading more

  18. Nettie

    I also came over from PVP. You managed to kill my productivity while going through your entire archive! Which is actually a good thing…. Bookmarked, and will be checking you out daily!

  19. Your Obedient Serpent

    Another new reader from PvP.

    Just last month, I took a hatched to my daily comics reading list, due to time constraints — and yesterday, I read through your entire archives and added your strip. Good stuff here.

  20. The Fezig

    Also came over from PvP. Making my way slowly through the archives, and this has been officially added to my cycle of regularly checked comics. You put out a quality product.

  21. chrishillman

    First time here, visiting after the great PVP Guest strip you did. I think I will keep up with your comic. I love the style! Great work!

  22. Kgen

    Another reader sent over here from the PvP strip. Excellent comic very calvin and hobbs esque 5 stars!!!!.

  23. SPeterson

    I love the “New Here?” Page complete with links to previous strips. The increased viewings should be really exciting!

  24. Emily

    I’m a regular PVP reader and am one of the many who saw your guest strip and came over here…. I have to say you had nothing to worry about!! I have since read through from the beginning and loved every minute of Mal and Chad. I now have it bookmarked and the “Stinkles” strip is my wallpaper :)

  25. stephen

    Phew! I can’t keep up with the comments, but I want to acknowledge all y’all for leaving a comment! So thanks J.C., Rhian, Charlie, Nick, Nettie. Mr. Serpent, Fezig, Kgen, Sean and Emily! I’m glad you’re here!

    Emily: I’ll try to make a better wall paper for you sometime! I need to add a goodies section to this website.

  26. Steve K.

    I’m very glad that you got the bump from PvP and had a small horde of fans arrive to (quite clearly) enjoy your work. I’m especially happy about it, because it directed ME to the site and I spent ALOT of time going through all the comics.
    I came
    I read
    I added the hotkey to my toolbar

    Your New Avid Reader,

  27. stephen

    Thanks Steve! Welcome!

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