King Chad

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  1. Kira.

    The speaking of reverse doth tickle me pink!

  2. Mike M

    Ha! Kira beat me to it! Still, brought a smile to my face, as always . . . :)

  3. Drew Pocza

    I am really enjoying the strip. Dogs of the Hot and Burgers of the ham kills me.

  4. musicalfingers

    I discovered Mal and Chad from PVP and I am SO happy I did! I love it love it love it!!

    We’re having burgers of the ham tonight – it DOES make it sound fancier :)

  5. stephen

    Thanks Kira and Mike!

    Thanks drew! Welcome!

    I’m happy you’re here musicalfingers! Perhaps a good side for your meal tonight would be fries of the french!

  6. Starnick

    Burgers of the ham heh. All the backwards talk reminds me of yoda :P

  7. Ben

    Hey Stephen, like many other people I first saw your work on Scott Kurtz’s website and loved it, have been reading Mal & Chad since then. Just wanted to say I’m really loving the strip, beautiful and distinctive.

    Good work you must keep up! Thanks!

  8. stephen

    Thanks ben! Your photography is gorgeous!

  9. Chantal

    Haha so cute! I came here from PvP too and I’m loving your comic! Haven’t enjoyed a strip like this since the days of Calvin & Hobbes…

  10. Ross

    Lol nice. This is officially my favorite cartoon now.

  11. stephen

    Thanks Chantal and Ross! Welcome! I’m happy you’re here!

  12. alhna

    this is one of the cuttest things I’ve ever read! I love your comic, just found it yesterday, and started from the first strip of the archive!

  13. Rachel

    I love this comic!

  14. aaliyah

    ihave a idea for another book comment when you can and i’ll tell you more about it

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