Smelly Crayons

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  1. J.C.

    Everyone knows that the smell crayons with colors like “Blurple” and “Groange” are the best crayons for making up elaborate schematics.

  2. xoxoxoBruce

    I’ve read the archive and feel you’ve got a winner… congratulations. The early strips were a little edgier, of course the refined drawing style may have given it a softer, less adult, for lack of a better term, feel. Anyway, enjoy your success, and beware of groupies. ;o)

  3. kev_brett

    lol!!! love it! the serious concentration and pure innocence! awesome!

  4. Mike M

    Can’t argue with Chad’s reasoning on that one . . .

  5. Jaya Lakshmi

    This brings up fond memories, especially since I still have a good number of crayons that I don’t use. (Hmm, maybe I should dig them up . . .)
    What a great start to the day! I can’t wait to see what crazy machine they come up with. (My money is on another laptop.)

  6. Carl

    Scientific progress is smelly and colorful. True story.

  7. stephen

    JC, you’re totally right.

    Thanks Bruce! I appreciate the thoughtful commentary too! Welcome!

    Thanks Kev.

    Maybe I should make a mal and chad coloring book jaya…

    Carl speaks the truth.

  8. Jada

    I would totally love a Mal and Chad coloring book!

  9. Kira.

    If you make a Mal and Chad coloring book, I will love you forever.

  10. Miriam

    If only I were STILL teaching kindergarten next year….I would SO take the coloring book to school! Well, the fourth graders would probably secretly like it too, they just wouldn’t be able to say it out loud!

  11. Eiríkr

    Oo, the *smelly* crayons!

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