Rainbow Bazooka

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  1. CompaniaHill

    Please fix the last panel to begin “OOH, YOU’RE RIGHT.” Thank you.

  2. stephen

    Thanks Compania! Got it. My spelling’s terrible sometimes.

  3. Miriam

    Ok…totally laughed out loud on this one! Especially when Chad thought it through to the pot of gold!

  4. Henry

    Just found your fantastic comic. Although I don’t like Dogs, Chad would be the exception. :)

  5. Starnick

    Pot o’ gold to the face would hurt

  6. stephen

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for the comments.

    Welcome Henry! I’m glad you’re here!

  7. Kira.

    And just when Chad couldn’t get any cuter, you draw panel 2.

  8. aaliyah

    how in the world are they are going to get the parts for a rainbow bazooka including therainbow?!?!

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