Ultimate Back Scratcher

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  1. Alexander

    Now you’re thinking with portals!

  2. Kira.

    Gotta love Chad!

  3. kev_brett

    that’s awesome – I WANT ONE!

  4. Maarvarq

    As if there was any doubt already, coming up with such a complex and overpowered solution for a simple problem puts Mal firmly into Mad Scientist territory. Does the webcomic Girl Genius exist in his universe? If so, Agatha Heterodyne must be a bit of a schoolboy crush for him :D

  5. Tyler

    I lol’d.

  6. Miriam

    Too good! LOL!!!!!

  7. Mike M

    I’m with Chad! It was a laugh out loud strip for me, though . . . :D

  8. musicalfingers

    I want one. It’s not THAT radioactive, right? :)

  9. SPeterson

    Could you install one on those really high top shelves – you know, the ones with the cookies?

  10. stephen

    Wow! It was cool to wake up today and have all these comments waiting for me! Thanks for the feedback everybody! I was a little nervous that it’d be too weird so I almost didn’t make this strip…. I’m glad I did!

  11. Nicole

    Brilliant! Want it! :)

  12. HardWearJunkie

    So…is Beep GLaDOS’ distant relative?

  13. Marscaleb

    I have dreamed of this exact product for a long time.

    Quit stealing ideas from my brain!

  14. jj

    I think my grde at my school is going to Skype with Stephen on Monday morning.

  15. aaliyah

    i wish i had that. i have this unspeakable itch in the direct middleon my back

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