Big Words

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  1. kev_brett

    lol – very cool as usual! Keep ‘em coming, love it!

  2. musicalfingers

    God works in supernaturally natural ways, doesn’t he? “Keep using those big words – I’ll fall asleep in no time!” LOL!!

  3. Tyler

    I love it! Brave of you to be so theologically precise. I hope my kids know that much about God when they’re Mal’s age. :)

  4. FreelancePedant

    BTW speaking of big words… I think you wanted “immanent”, which means “omnipresent”, not “imminent”, which means “about to happen”.

  5. stephen

    Thanks for the positive feedback everybody!

    Pedant: Ooh, you’re totally right. I’ll change that.

  6. Max

    I like the fusion of theology and science. The unification of two topics normally considered very polar to each other enhance Mal’s innocence

    love it

  7. stephen

    Thanks max!

  8. Marscaleb

    You, sir, win the prize for writing the best prayer I have ever heard.

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