Bad Attitude

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  1. musicalfingers

    Whoops, too late! At least they have the afternoon.

    I laugh out loud almost every day. This is my new favorite comic. :)

  2. taz

    one similarity between calvin and mal that is the exact opposite: calvin is grumpy when it’s raining, and mal is grumpy waiting for the bus in; the sunshine.

  3. SPeterson

    Trippy idea, looking upward to the sky in panel two. I like it!

  4. natalie


  5. Miriam

    Mal may be additionally grumpy and anxious for the bus to come cause it could be the last day of school–his last chance for a few months to see Megan DAILY where she HAS to stay in the same room as him for part if not most of the day.

  6. stephen

    Thanks everybody for the encouraging comments and interesting insights!

  7. Keildest

    aaaah… Murphy’s law, gotta love it

  8. Brad

    this problem never goes away… as an adult who smokes.. if i want to catch a bus.. i light a smoke.. guaranteed the bus will show

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