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  1. John

    When I was in grade 5, my teacher used to start P.E. by shooting a basketball from halfcourt. We had to run laps until he made a basket. He was a decent shot, but from that distance we still usually worked up a good sweat before we were allowed to stop.

    On two occasions he made a basket on the first shot, however! No laps for us that day!

    And thus ends my retrospective on laps and lap-running.

  2. musicalfingers

    PE stands for painful exercise…LOL!!!!!!

  3. Mike M

    I think I had that gym teacher . . .

  4. Jaya Lakshmi

    This was my third-grade PE teacher who made us run laps around the soccer field. A pretty good reason to do grammar homework instead during that time.

  5. SPeterson

    Remember that rope climb at Chamisa? That was my favorite. Laps were cool, too, because they gave you trinkets for running after some number of miles

  6. Miriam

    But…but…he didn’t DO anything! Poor Mal!

  7. Nicole

    *spews diet coke all over the computer monitor*

    Blogging your x pods and surfing on your tweet boxes!!!! ROTFL!!!

  8. Rebecca

    I concur on the hilarity of painful exercise = P.E. :D

  9. stephen

    Thanks for that great story John! That sounds like a cool coach.

    SPeterson: Yeah! You remember what it was like– running was fun.

    Nicole: Sorry about the monitor! Laughing is dangerous… ha ha!

    Thanks for the great comments everybody!

  10. Kira.

    After the mention of the coach’s mustache in the comic before this, I keep hearing him speak with a Russian accent… No clue why!!

  11. Jada

    Painful exercise! Tee heee.

  12. stephen

    Huh… maybe your right kira…

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