Gorilla Bazooka

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  1. J.C.

    …well THAT hardly seemed fair…

  2. kev_brett

    brilliant. Really made me laugh! this strip is awesome, keep it up

  3. Milo Windby

    Poor guy, that looks like it hurt q_q

  4. Jaya Lakshmi

    It’s official; Mal needs a Happy Happy Mal day. And god, Megan needs to go easier on the poor kid; at least his affection is genuine, if annoying.

  5. Mike M

    Heh. Note to Zachary: Never assume anything . . . :-)

  6. Badtrak

    LOL! A lot of memories came with today’s trip. Sad for me I was a frequent victim of my sister’s killer arm.

  7. Maarvarq

    Given that it was Zachary figuratively winding up to make a patronising comment, it is rather unfair that our hero should have copped the retaliation instead. Oh well, maybe Megan is showing that she likes Mal in the way that small children do …

  8. SPeterson

    lol – I love it when shoes go flying. (FYI, “complement” means something that completes you, like how my wife complements me, while “compliment” is probably the word you want :D )

  9. David

    Zachary should have been the target of that wallup! Ouch! Poor Mal.

  10. Miriam

    So when is Zachary gonna get his? Or maybe this is just a way for Mal to go to his happy place with “dream Megan.”

  11. stephen

    Ooh, speterson, your right. I’ll fix that.

    Thanks for all the comments today guys! It was cool to log on and read them all. I’m glad this current arc is bringing up memories for people…

  12. taz

    I don’t feel all that bad for Mal. I say this for two reasons:
    One: He like Megan, so his brain will tune out the pain and put some weird positive spin on it.
    Two: Megan took her sweet time to aim. Mal could have easily dodged that ball. But, no. He was too busy ogling… Megan I hope? It kinda looks like he’s smiling at Zach…

  13. Kira.

    Total girl power, hah! I loved this!

  14. jj

    Kind of like Susie from Calvin and Hobbes.

  15. benjamin

    That’s my friend.
    And that’s also when I got my first nosebleed in school…

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