Out Cold

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  1. Kira.

    I so love Mal in the third panel!
    I’m starting to miss Chad, though!

  2. Badtrak

    That smile, ear to ear, I just had one of those because of my lovely wife.
    Great strip Stephen, I really appreciate your work.

  3. Maarvarq

    Megan doesn’t even realise she possesses weapons less obvious than a dodgeball, but just as deadly :)

  4. Rob

    I don’t like this dodge ball tangent, I think you need to keep with Mal, robots, and chad.

    Adding depth to these characters at this point doesn’t seem necessary when you still have so much to develop with the others.

  5. SPeterson

    I have to disagree, Rob – sometimes you just have to have a storyline; and what are characters without memories to recall them by? Plus the offsides joke is timely considering the unfortunate U.S. soccer game. P.S. I saw a shetland sheepdog at Sea World the other day, also named Chad. I didn’t see Mal, though.

  6. dubmdell

    @Rob – I also disagree. Calvin and Hobbes, what Mal and Chad seems to take a strong liking to, had many one-off storylines like this. It was more important in CaH than in MaC because Hobbes was mere fantasy, but no one would disagree that Calvin and Mal are the main characters of their respective strip and therefore should be developed dynamically.

  7. stephen

    Good discussion everybody! I like to hear your opinions!

    This is the last strip of this arc, so there is new things around the corner, as well as Chad again.

  8. debbie klecan

    Peter Parker has Mary Ann, Mr Fantastic has Sue, Barry Allen has Iris….all geniuses need their crushes or their creative juices could turn destructive….

  9. jj

    You mean OUT COLD#2.

  10. aaliyah

    noone notice that in the last panel that mal’s eyes were shaped like hearts!

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