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  1. Mr. Grey

    The second panel may be the best panel ever.

    It’s simply… gorgeous.

  2. Kira.

    Oh, Chad!
    I feel ya.

  3. Tyler


  4. musicalfingers

    That’s exactly how I look when I’m going through internet withdrawl!

  5. Mike M

    “I feel your pain . . .”

  6. Miriam

    This weekend, I asked my brother if he was bringing his laptop to Grandpa’s before committing to coming over…I made it through one day w/o internet, but probably looked like Chad!

  7. stephen

    Thanks everybody! I totally feel like this sometimes. I’m trying to be less internet dependent…. I don’t like what the internet does to my brain…

  8. Keildest

    hahahahah perfect!

  9. awesometacular

    The art quality’s really good on this one

  10. stephen

    Thanks awesometacular!

  11. debbie klecan

    I hate when I turn on my laptop to check out a something… times…. and then three hours later I am still on the computer…..aaaargh!!! Stephen…this is a classic. This is a strip that gets printed, cut, and taped on monitors or pinned on office bulletins across the land!!

  12. stephen

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. THat’d be cool!

  13. Rachael

    i can’t last 2 days without intrenet chad

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