Sweet Graphics

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  1. Kira.

    Oh my goodness.
    This is my favourite strip cause it’s TRUE.

  2. Buho

    Panel 2 FTW. Reminds me of Frank Cho.

  3. Badtrak

    I went to the 3D movies yesterday and it was very funny to hear one little boy wearing the glasses saying to his brother “wow! your arm looks amazing in 3D!”

  4. Nicole

    Love this one. So sweet. :)

  5. stephen

    Thanks guys! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Badtrak, that’s hilarious! Ha ha.

  6. Miriam

    I LOVE it–Nature does have pretty cool graphics!!!!! Very nice turn of phrase!

  7. Miriam

    Panel 3 would make an AWESOME T-shirt!

  8. benjamin

    Life is also a comedy, horror, romantic, sad story.

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