Real Magic

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  1. John

    Mal’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders for a young guy… still, I wouldn’t complain if I somehow learned the “Summon Sandwich” spell!

  2. Kira.

    Gotta agree with John.
    Not only is Mal smart.
    He’s wise, too!!

  3. musicalfingers

    Yes, but what if you were out of PB&J? You could magically create a sandwich without having to go to the store!

    BTW I just saw the posting of your art for TAG. It’s great. Are those clips from Through the Looking Glass? They look familiar.

  4. stephen

    Thanks Musical fingers! Yeah, I actually cut up an old worn out 1960’s edition of Through the Looking Glass, so that’s original stuff. It hurt to do it, but I told myself I was re-birthing the work, so I kept going. I like how they turned out.

  5. Miriam

    Wow…yeah, love is a choice…so are sandwich ingredients!

  6. Terryn

    This one made me laugh out loud. Nice work!

  7. stephen

    Thanks guys! I was proud of this strip.

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