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  1. John

    Bit of a harsh awakening, though I suppose Mal should be glad that Chad didn’t do that while wearing the trampoline shoes!

  2. musicalfingers

    I have the feeling that my dog would do the same to me if she was left loose at night…

  3. Mike M

    I had a cat that did pretty much that . . .

  4. Jaya Lakshmi

    This is totally payback for the falling asleep race, lol. I want to make panel three into my wallpaper.

  5. Luke

    My daughter wakes me up like that, except instead of landing next to me she lands ON me. Probably one of the most hilarious (and painful) ways of getting woken up.

  6. Miriam

    So…I have been lazy, and didn’t check this till today, so I saw this one BEFORE yesterday’s…made yesterday’s strip just a bit funnier to know that Chad had gotten his revenge! How could Mal have done that to poor sleepy Chad?!? He’s adorable!

  7. |_| |\| |

    We had a dachshund that was relentless if unleashed. I would have preferred Chad – death by heart attack is always preferable to endless torture.

  8. natalie

    hee hee

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