Deep Breaths

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  1. Kait

    Love this!Thanks for drawing/writing it for me. It’s so good! As a VSA, I too am too small to be responsible for something so big as life. But I often pretend like I am.

  2. Kira.

    Oh my goodness. I had a mini break down like Mal today as well!
    I wish someone had told me what Chad said, heh!

  3. Tyler

    There is so much truth to Chad’s statement. You sure you weren’t a philosophy major?

  4. natalie

    love it love it love it!

  5. Dr. Pie

    Wonderful! We need this kind of messages from time to time, remember what is important and get away from the stress.


  6. musicalfingers

    I needed this today. It’s a great reminder that God is in charge of life, not me. :) Thank you!

  7. sintaux

    This strip is amazing. I really hope you don’t stop.
    I can’t wait until tomorrows post :D .

  8. sintaux

    I discovered your strip on Paul’s blog (pooch cafe) btw. I liked the way chad looked so i decided to follow the link Paul posted to your comic’s archive on GoComics. I’m glad i did. :D

    Chad’s statement in panel 4 is so true.

  9. stephen

    Thanks guys! I’m glad everyone enjoyed this strip! (even though there was a spelling mistake in there for a bit).

    That’s great sintaux! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

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