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  1. Tyler

    I think a girl tried that on me in grade school. I must admit my resolve was less then Mal’s – but she used rocks instead of cardboard. Then the police got involved and it all went downhill. No better way to ruin a day of kindergarten then with handcuffs and tears… jk

  2. kev_brett

    I love this web comic so much, I can’t express it (that sounds a bit…weird, sorry!)
    Awesome stuff, can’t get enough (that’s better)

  3. Kait

    I really like the boldness of the lines in this one. And I really like the way you drew Megan. She’s pretty smart, you know.

  4. stephen

    Thanks guys! Wow. You make me happy!

  5. Lee

    Loving every second of this one-especially Megan’s face in the fourth panel!

  6. Miriam

    Ok…I am SO jealous of Megan…I guess some girls don’t know how to appreciate a good thing! I know, I know…they’re too young…AND if it’s the WRONG person saying these things…well I guess I can’t blame Megan either! ;)

  7. Maarvarq

    I think Megan is going to need something more heavy-duty than a cardboard tube for Mal to even notice four times out of five :)

  8. Unk

    I think Megan could make a deadly weapon out of anything.

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