Tight Budget

Why is art the first thing to go?

By the way, I’m not even kidding, I went on a field trip to the local sewage treatment plant when I was in grade school.

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  1. JGJones

    So did I in primary school (in UK, I assume this would be the equivalent of a grade school in USA?)

  2. Jaya Lakshmi

    A shame they didn’t cut back on the PE budget instead of the art budget . . . poor Mal.

  3. Buho

    That actually sounds cool.

  4. empired

    I went to a rubbish incinerator in primary school. Not exactly sewage treatment plant, but still.

    What amazed me was the lack of smell…

  5. Carrie

    Chalk up another sewage treatment plant right here! Sixth grade. I was always happy to get out of school, so I didn’t mind.

    Man, it’s so true, always art first, then music.

  6. Miriam

    Art or the bilingual programs…cause students do not need to learn how they express themselves nor do they need to understand what the teacher is saying…

  7. SPeterson

    I totally remember that field trip to the sewage plant. It was kinda cool, actually, except for the smell.

  8. Nicole

    In grade school we went on a tour of the local meat processing plant. They weren’t slaughtering that day, but they walked us through the whole plant and described EVERYTHING. I was fascinated, but when I got older I thought…what the heck were they thinking???

  9. Vince

    Why does art always seem to be the first to go. When I was in grade school we had one art teacher for five different schools and my college cut the art department shortly after I graduated from there with a BA in Art (and thankfully not before)

  10. Phillip

    My grade school trip was to a local prison lol. I look back now and think that it was actually a good idea; I know it helped steer me away from any potential life of crime :)

  11. Momster

    I was the Mom helper on that trip!

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