Beep Beep What?

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  1. Miriam

    Being bilingual…this is even MORE hilarious! So many times people think they know what they are saying but it comes out completely wrong. But I do congratulate everyone who is willing to try! Being able to talk to twice the number of people is FANTASTIC!

  2. sintaux

    lol. I had to learn “robot speak” (read: binary, Hexadecimal, and octaldecimal) in Shop sophmore year. It. was not. fun. ah well, i just can’t wait till i start taking Japanese.

    awesome strip stephen. :D

  3. stephen

    Language barriers are hard. You don’t really ever climb over the wall, it’s more like you go on a long journey. The key is to have fun!

    Japanese is fun, Sintaux, I hope you have a good time! がんばって!

  4. taz

    I’m pretty sure Chad just flattered Beep.

  5. Tyler

    But what did he say?

  6. musicalfingers

    I think he embarrased Beep personally….don’t use google translator Chad, whatever you do!

  7. Jaya Lakshmi

    Maybe Chad told Beep the secret ingredient of crude oil . . .

  8. Miriam

    YES! Don’t use google translator!!!!

  9. robore


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