Paper Internet

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  1. Jaya Lakshmi

    You forgot paper mache . . . can’t make a pinata with the Internet.
    Oh Chad, we all love you.

  2. Scott King

    That’s a great quote: “It’s like a paper version of the internet.”

  3. Chantal

    This comic made my day. You should send it to newspapers for real!

  4. Paul

    Haha, “It’s like a paper version of the internet.” Great stuff. Keep it coming.

  5. Your Obedient Serpent

    But … but … but …

    Chad’s a DOG. How do you paper-train puppies without PAPERS?

  6. Miriam

    Have you ever introduced a kid today to carbon paper….yeah, it’s kind of like today’s strip! MAGIC!

  7. musicalfingers

    Chad is not just a dog, he is a super-intelligent dog who probably uses the toilet and never needed to be paper trained.

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