People Are Beautiful

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  1. Scott King

    This is one of those strips that would make a good print to give as a gift.

  2. Beto

    Touching. :)

  3. Tyler

    I don’t think Chad is feeling the love.

  4. Nicole


  5. Miriam

    aw…Just on Sunday I saw an old couple sharing a meal at a fast food place…they had split the Reuben and he was handing her french fries a few at a time and their cup had two straws. HOWEVER, they left an empty seat between them–cause they were with 3 other friends. Gave me a better view–I guess I may not have noticed otherwise. I still smile about it every time I think of them…BEAUTIFUL!

  6. stephen

    That’s a great one. Thanks for sharing, Miriam.

  7. musicalfingers

    Thank you for the reminder. Lately i’ve only been reminded of how cruddy people can be so it’s nice to think positively.

  8. Kira.

    This made my whole week.

    Thank you.

  9. Rachael

    chad looks cute in pannel 4 :D

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