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  1. Scott King

    I thought we’d get to see Chad’s idea today… I guess there is always next week.

  2. Mr. Grey

    Is Mal’s Mom’s nose a little bigger than usual? Or is it just me?

    Seems a tad bit bigger… I pay attention to the weirdest things when I’m pushing twenty hours of awake.

  3. Jada

    I was just going to say I think her head seems a bit smaller. So maybe her nose is the same size.

  4. kastor

    she has a remarkably square chin in the first panel… but I enjoy the peanuts-style laughing face.

  5. Mr. Grey


    That could be.

  6. Nicole

    Actually, I think it’s just that Mal’s head is so big compared to his little bod that his mom’s head seems small. She’s actually more naturally proportional. :)

  7. Nicole

    Oh, and panel 2 = BRILLIANCE :)

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