Go For It

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  1. Tyler


  2. unk

    Reason does seem to flee at the faintest hint of love, doesn’t it? “Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.” – Samuel Johnson

  3. Austin

    I REALLY wonder what kind of stunt Mal’s gonna pull in that costume.

  4. Mike M

    Ha ha! Perfect!

  5. moonsong

    Sorry Stephen, continuity error – Mal’s hopping on a different foot in the end shot than he is in the first shot. Still doesn’t detract from the funny though; a kangaroo of all things…. I’m enjoying your strips more and more as the story comes to a close; keep it up!

  6. moonsong

    Never mind, my fail…. Gosh, I’m sorry

  7. M. Void

    I see a pouch + long floppy ears… AND a kangaroo’s tail… Is it… a rabbit? A kangaroo? A Rabbingaroo? The possibilities…

  8. Nicole

    It’s cool, moonsong. I thought the same thing…it’s Mal’s poofy pants that make it unclear. :)

  9. Miriam

    Does the kangaroo win the princess’ heart at the end of the play? HOW???? ;)

  10. Skaga

    Awsome….a rabbingaroo!!!! always wanted one of those

  11. stephen

    The ears are kind of long aren’t they… and the leg thing is like an optical illusion… I drew a lot of weird stuff in this strip… ha ha.

  12. Latino Heat

    that IS funny, it’s hard to tell which leg he’s actually hopping on.

  13. M. Void

    Well then again if you think about it it’s a children’s school play. Body parts on such costumes are often exaggerated even in real life, so people in the audience can tell what they are from any spot in the auditorium.

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