Roo Roo

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  1. Ben

    Haha I’m sure someone will mention its Skippy’s ‘tchk tchk tchk’ noise that a kangaroo makes. (this is fictional btw)

    They usually communicate by thumping their legs, which i imagine would be rather difficult for Mal in his current state :)

  2. Tyler

    Wahahahahahahaha!!!! This comic just keeps getting better and better. I love the horse’s expression!

  3. Maarvarq

    “What’s that, Skip? The Tin Man army can only be defeated by gold dust, and you have some in your pouch?” Skippy/Doctor Who crossover – it must be getting late :)

  4. Miriam

    Thanks! I REALLY needed a laugh and this TOTALLY did it for me!

  5. Halraris sticker

    O_O XD says Mal

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