Kangaroo Pouch

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  1. moonsong

    That is some serious stretchyness…. But could this be the beginning of something more between Mal and Megan than her hitting him in the head with a cardboard tube?

  2. Co0kieL0rd

    Haha, Ched look so funny with those glasses :D
    The stretching action is also hilarious!

  3. Mike M

    Ha! “Kangaroo Powers ACTIVATE!” Great strip!

  4. Austin

    Lol Zachary looks more confused than shocked.

  5. Nicole

    Megan must’ve had her knees locked…sure fire way to pass out onstage. Glad our boy Mal is on the case! :)

  6. kev_brett

    ROFL!!! Panel 2 is so disturbing in a brilliant and hilarious way!! love it

  7. M. Void

    Trampoline effect maybe? :3

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