Best Friends Forever

The end! Thanks everybody for all your support!

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  1. Mike M

    Nice way to end it all up . . . Hope things work out well with your new endeavor.

  2. Carrie

    Love it! Can’t wait for the book in May! Keep us updated! More Ustream too if that is cool, I’m already following you there!

  3. mike

    great end to the webcomic, Stephen! looking forward to the GNs. :D

  4. Jamie

    Pure excellence.

  5. stephen

    Thanks guys!

  6. Marcela

    I still can’t believe this is the end! D;

    I’ll patiently wait for the comic to come out now!

    Good luck to you! ♥

  7. Mikale

    An instant classic!

  8. Ducky

    Good job, sir. :D
    It’s sad that it’s over, though =(

  9. Beto


    I must confess I was expecting a closure along “Let’s go exploring!” a la Watterson. But it’s okay. My apologies for that. :D

    I will definitely miss M&C on my daily reading list. But now we’ll just have to wait for the great books to come out. Best of luck Steve!

  10. Grace

    Keep us updated and best of luck Stephen.

    Awesome ending!!!!

  11. paige

    It seems kinda unspectacular, but this was probably the best possible way to end it.

  12. Nicole

    So sweet. I love it. I sure will miss daily dose of Mal and Chad!

  13. Soul Eater

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful comic, I enjoyed reading it. I hope I’ll be able to afford the books.

  14. taz

    Good Job! Keep on trucking! Don’t lose sight of your goals!

  15. Miriam

    Thanks! This is an example of why the comic resonates with so many people–the simple depth of their friendship. It is sweet…but SO sad to know it’s the end. Looking forward to buying the books…thanks again!

  16. Starnick

    Aww, and it ends on the day I got a (different) cake with candles too :/

  17. Co0kieL0rd

    Aww sweet^^

    Now that was a short experience of Mal and Chad for me (hardly 1 week) :(

  18. Skaga

    Too bad it’s over….great ending though…good luck with the GN’s!

  19. stephen

    Thanks everybody! I’ve really appreciated your comments!

    Cookieloard: ha ha! That’’s a bitter irony for you… sorry!

  20. rawr

    i just discovered this webcomic today

    life is cruel :(

  21. parismio

    noooooo!!!!! and i just started too!!!!!

  22. Mike

    Thanks Stephen, It’s been a pleasure following Mal & Chads adventures each day.

  23. Tyler

    Stephen, you rock! Keep on creating. I can’t wait for the graphic novels. Mal and Chad are now in my list of “Literary Friends”.

  24. Buho


  25. Frank

    “It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy…”
    Absoloutely loved it. You’re the greatest. I’m just sad I don’t have any money.

    You know, maybe you should take off the “updates M-F” text on the sidebar

  26. Milo Windby

    Nyah ~ I can’t believe its done now q_q

    Hope everything works out though ^^

  27. The Laughing Eye

    Dear lord, that was wonderful! A webcomic linked you and I poked it to see what the talk was all about. Well worth a read! I just finished reading it all and was like reading a Calvin and Hobbes book with a whole new aspect on everything! It brings sadness to me to know that it is all over… :’ (
    All this to say you will be missed old Chap!

  28. Jada

    Can’t wait to see the book! I really enjoyed the web comic run.

  29. Amanda

    :( So sad
    But it was a great ending!

  30. Mike Terry

    Congrats to you Stephen!

  31. Zalgryth

    That was great but much too short! :(

  32. Ben

    I have been checking back for weeks waiting for a new one, and I JUST noticed that this is the end! I love your work – you have a beautiful illustration style, such precise and delicate brush work. You should know that your work is inspiring to an illustrator just getting started in the biz. Thanks for the great, free reading. Keep up the amazingness.

    -Ben (

  33. stephen

    Thanks dude! I like your work too! Sorry about the end of the strip– but be sure to look up the mal and chad graphic novel that’s coming out!

  34. Marscaleb

    Wait, that’s it? aww man…

  35. Bob

    I love you.

  36. Bob


  37. Miriam

    I finally decided it was time to buy your book…I was trying to make it last longer. I didn’t discover Mal and Chad till you were nearly done with the daily updates. It came in the mail yesterday…I am happy!

  38. Mort J. Moose

    I ate a cake like this once. It didn’t sit well in the old sand box.

  39. vladimir

    eat chocolate mal

  40. vladimir

    eat chocolate mal

  41. vladimir

    eat chocolate mal

  42. Rachael

    awwww cute U ROCK DUDE!

  43. vladimir

    i loved the ending good job stephen

  44. Jess

    I just sat here for a few days just read all these.. I don’t know what to do with myself now..

    I must buy the graphic novels and read them extremely slowly!!
    (And reread these again)

  45. Vincci

    I spent about a couple of days to enjoy all these comic strips^_^ All of them are AWESOME

  46. Mokkitt

    Why do the good web comics always have to end?!

  47. Mokkitt

    I must now leave in search of other amazing web comics.
    Here are some good ones I have found:
    I’m gonna miss this comic :(

  48. Benjamin

    Turn this into a book maybe? :D

  49. Kyle

    I love the book Mal And Chad The Biggest Time Ever but i dont have enough money for another book i which you can read the books online.

  50. Kevin

    This is my super favorite book I even show my friends they love it but they were so happy that part 3 of Mal and chad came out but it’s the end of the season. :( But please make a season 2 I will be so grateful and happy. THANKS!!!

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