Last week we saw the inked version of the cover of the third Mal and Chad book: Belly Flop! This week I present to you the final, colored version.

I’m pretty bad at working with color, so, like the last cover, it took a lot of iterations to finally get the right color scheme.

The tricky thing is that the cover image is not merely treated as a representative for the interior contents of the book. It also needs to function as an advertisement for the book. As such, it needs to be bright, and eye-catching, like a good ad would be. With the help of my cartoonist friends Josh and Michael, we finally came up with this:

There you go! And look! Mal and Chad: Belly Flop! is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! The book comes out in December– please pre-order now!

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  1. thesly

    Well I think its just fine. December you say? That’s such a long time from now! I’ll preorder it anyway. :) Awesome job Stevie

  2. unk

    Really nice!

  3. Vincci

    Great job! ^_^

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