Recently, Scott King interviewed me for the cartooning class he’s teaching at UMES, asking me some questions on behalf of the students. Scott King is not just a teacher of the craft, but also a writer of various comics projects, most notably a webcomic called Holiday Wars. Be sure to check it out!

In this interview I turned on screen share to show what I was working on, so you’ll get a chance to see me inking Mal and Chad book 3, Belly Flop! I hope I was able to give the students some kind of insight into cartooning.

A little while after the interview, Scott sent along some fan art that some of his students did for me– so great! It’s awesome to see different artists take on my characters. Thanks you guys!

Thanks again! Until next time…

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  1. Mikale

    Stephen, you’ve created an excellent series here. Love the art and creativity of it all. Keep it up, man!

  2. stephen

    Thanks dude!

  3. unk

    Inreally enjoyed this. You have a unique talent in being able to express yourself in a candid and rich way – to take diverse aspects from a deep well of knowledge and experience and focus them into ideas that reflect practicality and wisdom.

  4. kev Brett

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, really appreciate it, really enjoyed it!
    Look forward to seeing more on Doodle Alley and can’t wait for book 3!!!

  5. KirinLee

    I really enjoyed doing fanart for your comic and your interview was really helpful! Thanks for your time and answers :D the class enjoyed the info your provided and we all liked your comic :3

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