Hey friends!

It’s been a while! I have now come out of my hole and I’m proud to say that Mal and Chad Volume 3: Belly Flop! is finished. It is the best book I’ve ever made.

Part way through this book, I realized I’ve drawn over 600 pages of Mal and Chad. My style and technique have change considerably. Look at how different Mal looks now! On the left we have the first book, and on the right we see the third.

Now we’ll be moving into a season of last-minute edits and flurried promotion to get the book ready. It comes out December 6, just in time for Christmas! Please pre-order now, it’d make a great gift!

Now that I’m finished with the book, I’ll be doing 3 things.

1) I’m going to enjoy Japan! I moved to Japan to help out a missionary organization, and between the book and missions activities, I really haven’t had much time to see the sites! I’m going to be traveling around with friends– and next week, I’m climbing Mount Fuji!

2) I’m planning to begin drawing more comics articles for my pet project website, doodlealley.com a picture blog about sustainable creativity.

3) I’m working on a secret project that I’ll announce soon.

Thanks everyone! Hope you’re doing well!

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  1. kev Brett

    awesome!!!!! looking forward to the book, more from doodle alley as well as seeing the new stuff!
    congrats, enjoy the far east!

  2. The Cheeze-it

    LUV THE BOOKS! I noticed the diferences in drawing styles as well… Hope you like Japan! Read some manga!

  3. stephen

    Thanks Cheeze it! I will!

  4. stephen

    Thanks Kev!

  5. thesly

    I’ll pre order the book!

  6. stephen

    Thank you!

  7. Random

    Awesome, it looks like he’s actually matured, the different drawing styles of Mal. Good luck!

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