Hey friends!

The skype tours are off to a great start– with over 70 teachers participating! I feel flattered and overwhelmed and excited. Special thanks to Colby Sharp for putting a spotlight on the visits by featuring them on Nerdy Book Club!

I wanted to let teachers out there know I’m closing registration for the skype visits this Monday, October 8th. If you’d like me to visit your classroom, be sure to sign up some time this weekend!

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  1. Kristie Charles

    I would love to be part of any skype that would be good for a 3rd grade class.

  2. Paula White

    Hi, Stephen,
    I am not familiar with you as an author (found out about you through Donalyn Miller on Twitter) but would love my kids to have the opportunity to skype with an author, especially a graphic novel one. How do we set up the Skype session–you and I arranging ti over email?

    (And, I will get some of your books in children’s hands before we “meet” on Skype. :-)



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