Mal and Chad: Belly Flop! is coming out and I’d like to make some noise about it– so I’ve decided to run this promotion until December 15! Would you guys help me make a splash for Belly Flop?

Click here for more details!

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  1. Dado

    Belly Flop is out! Love it.

  2. stephen

    Thanks daddo!

  3. Jonah Minkus

    Dude I just got your book At ABQ Comic Con It is Boss !
    Love it !
    Plz make more books

  4. stephen

    Thanks dude! I’ll do my best!

  5. Open

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  8. Jasonrockz1

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  9. Fore

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  10. Fernando

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  17. Victoria C Ramos

    I love Chad and I can’t wait to read this beloved graphic novel! What if Stephen McCranie creates the fourth Mal and Chad book about when Chad gets stolen by a spoiled rotten little girl who believes Chad is her new doggie and that she named him Rascal. So Mal and Megan go find the little girl and bring Chad back. These two would make awesome books. At the end of the book I discussed Mal would say,”Good boy Chad! Good boy!”

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  19. Марина

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