Hey everyone! I’m so proud to announce that Mal and Chad will now be carried in Scholastic Book Fairs!

I received the scholastic edition a couple days ago, and the books look great!

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  1. Kevin

    Great news! This should really help Mal & Chad’s visibility!

  2. Alyssa

    Yay! This is awesome! I know my mom’s third graders would love it!

  3. Vincci

    I bought the first graphic novel of mal and chad from scholastic and LOVED IT!!! Then I lent it to 2 of my classmates ande they both said the book was hilarious and cool!

  4. Vincci

    My friends at school say Chad is super cute(^_^)

  5. eugenia choi

    yes it’s super cute and thank you for your book ^_^

  6. luke skywacker

    Hi stephen

    Your Mal and Chad books are the best books ever.
    I like how they timetravel alot. They have the best adventures in the world.
    My favrought Mal and Chad book is the biggest, bestest time ever.

  7. sollux captor

    Have you DIED? D:
    I miss you making updates ‘n stuff!
    Where are you??

  8. Eric

    I just finished reading all three books. Belly Flop was the best! I’m buying more copies for gifts. I can’t wait for more!! Thank you, Stephen!

  9. tqnbpkwpej

    uydfxnbmboedibe, http://www.cytrkghkwm.com/ mvequltgus

  10. cruz sanchez

    hi my name is cruz I already know your name but im in your nephews class name si he let me read one of your books.the first time i got the first book it was great so I kept asking him if I can read all of your books.the books are great and by the way when are you going to make the 4th book

  11. Betty_Smith

    The cover is cute with some fine use of subtle colors…loved it :) I wish to see mal and chad in form of web comics , Trust me, this will enhance better visibility and branding.

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