Hey everybody! I hope you’ve enjoyed the adventures of Mal and Chad so far!

I originally created the Mal and Chad comic strip as a feature for my college newspaper. The premise for the series was concieved of in only a week, as summer came to an end and the pressure to deliver was building. In the early stages, Mal wasn’t so much a child genius as he was a little mad scientist, and Chad was more of a test subject than a friend. Here’s a sample strip I produced at the time:


Lucky for me my dad was honest enough to tell me to steer clear of mad scientist stories. In my previous comicstrip series, College 101,  I had spent a considerable amount of sweat, blood and tears trying to wrap up a mad scientist arc that had consumed the strip. I decided to avoid a similar struggle by taking my dad’s advice. Mal and Chad were revamped to their current personas and that is where the adventure began.

Please keep your eyes out for my current project, the Mal and Chad graphic novel. If you would like to see more of my comics, artwork, and blog scrawlings, please check out my main website: Doodle Alley.