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Hey friends!
It’s been a while! I have now come out of my hole and I’m proud to say that Mal and Chad Volume 3: Belly Flop! is finished. It is the best book I’ve ever made.

Part way through this book, I realized I’ve drawn over 600 pages of Mal and Chad. My style and technique [...]

Recently, Scott King interviewed me for the cartooning class he’s teaching at UMES, asking me some questions on behalf of the students. Scott King is not just a teacher of the craft, but also a writer of various comics projects, most notably a webcomic called Holiday Wars. Be sure to check it out!
In this interview [...]

Here’s a screen shot from a page from Mal and Chad book 3: Belly Flop! that I’m proud of. In this book, I’m trying to up the detail and care I put into each page.

I know I’ve already shown you guys the design for the cover, but don’t think that means the book is done! [...]

Last week we saw the inked version of the cover of the third Mal and Chad book: Belly Flop! This week I present to you the final, colored version.
I’m pretty bad at working with color, so, like the last cover, it took a lot of iterations to finally get the right color scheme.

The tricky thing [...]

Last week, I showed you all the iterations I went through to finally arrive at this cover design for my third book, entitled Mal and Chad: Belly Flop!

This week, I wanted to show you guys what my cover sketch looked like once I inked it!

Tune in next week for the final exciting conclusion– the final [...]

Hey friends– I wanted to share with you my process for drawing the cover of my next book– the title of which will be, Mal and Chad: Belly Flop!
This week, I’ll share with you the penciling stage. At this point, my main goal is to find a dynamic composition that compliments the text elements as [...]

Hey all! I’ve been working hard on the third book recently, and guess what? I finished all the thumbnails for the book!

For those of you who don’t know, thumbnails are rough sketches of each page I plan to draw for the book. Keeping it rough like this helps me find the best composition, pacing and [...]

Hey everyone, check out this amazing costume that 7 year old Mal and Chad fan Kurt Parker made!

Kurt made this costume for I Love to Read Week, a week long event put on by Yellowquill School in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Thanks Kurt! This is awesome! And thanks to Kurt’s mom for helping him [...]

What would you put in these blank speech bubbles?

We are currently running a contest to see who can think up the best lines for Mal and Chad to be saying! Click here for more details!
What really excites me about the contest is the prizes. The winner will get the first and second Mal and [...]

This Friday through Sunday is the annual Albuquerque Comicon! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be there, and even though Mal and Chad book 2: FOOD FIGHT won’t be out in book stores until the nineteenth, I WILL have pre-release copies of the book for sale!
Here’s the details if you’d like to come. Hope to [...]