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Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce I’ll be at the American Library Association conference in Orlando, Florida this coming week, selling and signing Mal and Chad books!
Hope to see you there!

Last week I sent off a guest strip to PvP creator Scott Kurtz, expecting nothing. Instead he was really excited about the strip and told me he planned to post it the following week!
I was super pumped! But I was also terrified. This is going to direct a lot of people to see Mal and [...]

I follow a blog called Comix Talk which is full of good comics industry related items. I sent them a quick piece of fan art and they mentioned me in their post today! For anyone who’s followed the link here to Mal and Chad (dot) com, welcome! We hope you enjoy the strip!
And don’t forget [...]

This Saturday, May 1st will be Free Comic Book Day!
If you live near a local comic book shop, check to see if they’re participating! Then all you have to do to get free comics is show up!