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  1. stephen


  2. Will Terrell

    test test.

  3. stephen

    Hey! Woops, forgot to delete that test comment, ha ha.

  4. Rahim

    , terms that he’s connecting Hancock to the Egyptian reiolgin, and more specifically Heru the Sun God (becaue Egyptian hieroglyphs reffer to Heru meaning Falcon. It’s only Horus in Greek after they remixed it). All of these things had to be suggestive, and not specifically stated, as the whole point of making a movie is to make $$$$ (tha dolla dolla bill ya’ll. 650 mill worldwide to be more precise.) And producers obviously didn’t want a boycott by reiolgins world wide. Whether it be one of the following:1: ornaments hung around Hancock’s trailer (of eagles/falcons)2: insignia on Hancock’s beanie throughout the beginning of the film3: the pictures that he draws throughout (not knowing that it’s a subconscious thing that he doesn’t consciously remember)4: the insignia on the back of his uniform (given to him by Ray)5: the HUGE eagle/falcon statue he WALKS by in the bank robbery scene6: finally, if you look at the Hancock poster, you can even see the eagle/falcon flying past the SUN in the reflection of Hancock’s (Will Smiths) sunglasses. I don’t wish to play the, what color was jesus card. because I’m NOT even reffering to Jesus. (so save it.) I’m speaking of a completely different reiolgin. SO, my question is which one, of the following, describes how you feel after reading this?A. Like the movie before, now (adding everything up) I love it.B. Like it before but now (since they weren’t reffering to MY Jesus type God) I hate itC. Disliked it before but (now adding it all up) I like itD. Disliked it before but (now that I know it wasn’t MY Jesus they had in mind) I HATE it even more.E. Just a movie and, regarless of my reiolgin, I think the same about it today that I did when I first saw it.10pts to the best answer who explains why!Red Headed Angel: I was merely asking your opinion of a MOVIE. I clearly stated that I didn’t expect, or even think anyone would convert. Geeze. Hey do you like the movie Gone With the Wind? Your reply, No cause I’d rather read the bible. How dumb is that.

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  7. Tahirbutt

    yes, the ex gives him all sorts of abuse and then bans him from seeing the girls for a week. At his ex’s rueeqst we have now stopped all contact at weekends, when his youngest daughter is with him.This is difficult for us both, but i dont mind doing it because the girls are innocent in all of this and he is a great dad so i want him to have a good relationship with them.The problem that i have is that his ex still wont back off. I know she doesnt want him back, she is evil towards him, leaving him voicemails telling him how awful and useless he is, when they were married she destroyed his self esteem completely which is why he left because he couldnt take the arguements and abuse she is sending me messages insulting me and saying he is seeing other girls when i know he isnt.she even sent one today saying he has dumped me for another girl. i cant get my head around it, she doesnt love him but wont stop stirring.i suppose my question is is there anything more i can do? i love this guy and he loves me, he treats me like a princess so i want to do all i can to help him maintain a good relationship with his daughters (they are 9 and 12) xxxJust as a little note, my guy has stood up for me in the past, he is very loyal. but this just seems to aggravate her and she bans him from seeing his daughters for a while as punishment so at the moment we are just ignoring it and supporting each other. he is totally worth it. just wanted an objective view to see if i was acting right cos i dont have kids of my own so sometimes worry i dont do the right thingoh and he didnt cheat on her with me. we met 12 months after he filed for divorce and moved out. she is refusing to sign the papers, so he is seeing a solicitor.

  8. Kidd

    that he would do anything to get back with me and i didn’t rspeond because I don’t want to be with him.And last night he texted me asking how i was doing and stuff and i told him i was doing fine and he said he was doing fine too but he missed me and then he texted me hey i’ll hit you up later when my girl isn’t texting me. So last night and a little bit this morning i was wondering what he meant.This morning he texted me a few times and I didn’t reply until he accidentally sent me a text saying hey i had fun last night, i love you. He told me he meant to send it to his girlfriend. I didn’t ask who his girlfriend was because I didn’t really care. So he was talking to me about how awesome his girlfriend is and I was acting happy for him because if I acted pissy about it then it would make me look bad. So then he randomly started calling me ugly and gross and stuff and I acted like it didn’t phase me. I mean it hurt my feelings a little but I don’t think i’m ugly. It makes my blood boil and i want to tell him what i really think of him.My friend thinks that he is just trying to play games with me and make me jealous so I beg for him back, I mean it sounds like something he would do but I don’t know. I just want him to leave me alone.So what i’m asking is that whats the right thing to do in this situation? Should i yell at him and call him ugly, continue what i was doing or something else?Please help.

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