New Here?

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here! I hope you enjoy the comic!

To get you acquainted with the strip, I’ll let the main cast introduce themselves in their own words:

mal Mal
“It’s hard to wait for school to end because I love going home and having adventures with my dog Chad. He’s more than a dog really, he’s my best friend! I taught him how to talk using a special device I invented. I invent all sorts of things. Robots and jet packs and potions and stuff. Chad always asks me why I even go to school if I’m smart enough to build that kind of stuff. I guess I keep my intelligence a secret because I don’t want to be taken out of school and forced to go to college and be a grownup.”

“Mal told you that? Don’t believe him. The real reason he wants to stay at his elementary school is that he’s got a major crush on this one girl. I don’t get why he’d want to be friends with her when he’s got me though. We’re best buds. We do the happy dance together. I’m the joy of his life. Well, except for that one time.”

megan Megan
“Mal seems to think that we’re going to get married someday. I’m just looking forward to the day I won’t have to sit next to him in class.”


“I feel sorry for Mal because his brain is too small to understand what I’m saying sometimes. But why are we talking about him? Why don’t we talk about me? I’m a math expert and I went to space camp last summer. I’ve also been nominated to be class president on multiple occasions by myself. ”
robot Beep the Robot
“Beep beep beep beep, beep beep beep. Beep beep? Beep beep beep beep!”