I recently got a really neat book review on a site called Bookie Woogie. Each book review consists of a dad interviewing his kids to find out what they think about the books they read. You should check it out!

The children also have a talent for illustration. Check out these great pieces of fan art they made of Mal and Chad.

This one’s by Lily, age 9. I love how Charlie the dinosaur is riding with Mal and Chad in the inflatable rubber duck boat.

This one’s by Evangeline, age 4. Chad looks so cute sticking out his tongue!

Finally, here’s a piece by Elijah, age 6. All I’ve got to say is, that pterodactyl is so awesome. I hope Mal and Chad get to their time machine in time!

If you enjoyed these wonderful pieces of fan art, please check out the new fan art gallery
I put together!

Hey friends!

It’s been a while! I have now come out of my hole and I’m proud to say that Mal and Chad Volume 3: Belly Flop! is finished. It is the best book I’ve ever made.

Part way through this book, I realized I’ve drawn over 600 pages of Mal and Chad. My style and technique have change considerably. Look at how different Mal looks now! On the left we have the first book, and on the right we see the third.

Now we’ll be moving into a season of last-minute edits and flurried promotion to get the book ready. It comes out December 6, just in time for Christmas! Please pre-order now, it’d make a great gift!

Now that I’m finished with the book, I’ll be doing 3 things.

1) I’m going to enjoy Japan! I moved to Japan to help out a missionary organization, and between the book and missions activities, I really haven’t had much time to see the sites! I’m going to be traveling around with friends– and next week, I’m climbing Mount Fuji!

2) I’m planning to begin drawing more comics articles for my pet project website, doodlealley.com a picture blog about sustainable creativity.

3) I’m working on a secret project that I’ll announce soon.

Thanks everyone! Hope you’re doing well!

Recently, Scott King interviewed me for the cartooning class he’s teaching at UMES, asking me some questions on behalf of the students. Scott King is not just a teacher of the craft, but also a writer of various comics projects, most notably a webcomic called Holiday Wars. Be sure to check it out!

In this interview I turned on screen share to show what I was working on, so you’ll get a chance to see me inking Mal and Chad book 3, Belly Flop! I hope I was able to give the students some kind of insight into cartooning.

A little while after the interview, Scott sent along some fan art that some of his students did for me– so great! It’s awesome to see different artists take on my characters. Thanks you guys!

Thanks again! Until next time…

Here’s a screen shot from a page from Mal and Chad book 3: Belly Flop! that I’m proud of. In this book, I’m trying to up the detail and care I put into each page.

I know I’ve already shown you guys the design for the cover, but don’t think that means the book is done! I still have another 130 pages to draw! It’s been quite stressful with the impending deadline, and even more so now that the preorder for Belly Flop is up on Amazon. It makes me feel like I better finish this book on time or else! It’s definitely crunch time, but I’m trying my best to meet the pace and keep up the quality.

Last week we saw the inked version of the cover of the third Mal and Chad book: Belly Flop! This week I present to you the final, colored version.

I’m pretty bad at working with color, so, like the last cover, it took a lot of iterations to finally get the right color scheme.

The tricky thing is that the cover image is not merely treated as a representative for the interior contents of the book. It also needs to function as an advertisement for the book. As such, it needs to be bright, and eye-catching, like a good ad would be. With the help of my cartoonist friends Josh and Michael, we finally came up with this:

There you go! And look! Mal and Chad: Belly Flop! is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! The book comes out in December– please pre-order now!