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  1. Asif

    It is a wonderful book, and now eclpsiaely for your son. I’ve had too much company so missed your Fri. post, but just read it. It sounds like such a week! I’m sorry that your son had to go through it & hope things get better soonest.

  2. Marcela

    Great list here, Amy. I’ve read a bunch of these, and some more are making it on to my to-be-read list (including #60). I’m lucky to share an ocffie with someone who not only promotes reading and writing but someone who practices them as well. Here’s to another great year of reading and writing!

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  4. Ronny

    , terms that he’s connecting Hancock to the Egyptian roeigiln, and more specifically Heru the Sun God (becaue Egyptian hieroglyphs reffer to Heru meaning Falcon. It’s only Horus in Greek after they remixed it). All of these things had to be suggestive, and not specifically stated, as the whole point of making a movie is to make $$$$ (tha dolla dolla bill ya’ll. 650 mill worldwide to be more precise.) And producers obviously didn’t want a boycott by roeigilns world wide. Whether it be one of the following:1: ornaments hung around Hancock’s trailer (of eagles/falcons)2: insignia on Hancock’s beanie throughout the beginning of the film3: the pictures that he draws throughout (not knowing that it’s a subconscious thing that he doesn’t consciously remember)4: the insignia on the back of his uniform (given to him by Ray)5: the HUGE eagle/falcon statue he WALKS by in the bank robbery scene6: finally, if you look at the Hancock poster, you can even see the eagle/falcon flying past the SUN in the reflection of Hancock’s (Will Smiths) sunglasses. I don’t wish to play the, what color was jesus card. because I’m NOT even reffering to Jesus. (so save it.) I’m speaking of a completely different roeigiln. SO, my question is which one, of the following, describes how you feel after reading this?A. Like the movie before, now (adding everything up) I love it.B. Like it before but now (since they weren’t reffering to MY Jesus type God) I hate itC. Disliked it before but (now adding it all up) I like itD. Disliked it before but (now that I know it wasn’t MY Jesus they had in mind) I HATE it even more.E. Just a movie and, regarless of my roeigiln, I think the same about it today that I did when I first saw it.10pts to the best answer who explains why!

  5. Bob

    Okay, here goes.1) You have to decide if phusing this suit against the police is worth the stress grief you will face if you don’t win. I realize the injustice of the man walking free my heart goes out to you, but right now, everything that you feel, your baby feels. Will you be able to get past it if you should loose your case?2) Sit down make a list of everything negative or weighing you down in your life get rid of it fast. If it’s feelings, meditate on things being different. Decide to feel good today then just do it.3) Plan, plan, plan. The baby will be here soon you need to make sure that you are there in every way for this little one. Are you emotionally available? Or is there too much blah in your spirit after all you’ve been through? You have to get rid of the baggage, not only for your baby but for yourself.Some things you could try: Centering Grounding, Meditation, Pouring yourself into a hobbie (take a pottery course or something), journaling, positive thinking (lie to yourself if you have to, telling yourself that things are FANTASTIC. Eventually your life will change because your views changed you changed. Here in the states we have a saying: fake it til you make it. Good Luck, e mail me if you need any help on anything I suggested or if you just need a chat.

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